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Why you need shop at!

Here is a video we would like to share with you about why you should shop at!  Enjoy and pass on to your friends!


Ladies: How to buy the perfect purse!

A woman’s how-to guide for buying the perfect handbag.

Ever have an outfit that just looks so good?  It’s perfect!  You have the hottest shoes to match and you are ready to go.  There is only one problem-no purse.  This can really take away from a very fashionable ensemble. 

So now you are on a mission to find the perfect handbag that is going to not only compliment your wardrobe but take it to the next level.  So, how do you find the perfect handbag? Well it really begins with your outfit.  What are you wearing?  Is your outfit dressy, casual, elegant or comfy?  You need to know the “occasion” you will be using this bag for.

What color is your outfit?  What are the accent colors?  If your outfit is mostly 1 color you will not want your handbag to be the same color because then it will not really stand put.  If you are wearing a pink suit and it has highlights of brown in it, you are going to want to look for a bag that is brown.  At this point a pink bag would completely take away from your outfit, rather than adding to it.

You will also want to consider the fabrics in your outfit.  You do not want to get a purse that is too dressy or too casual.  If you are wearing a business suit, then a leather bag is a good choice.  If you are wearing an evening dress then a silk or satin purse it a good choice.  When wearing jeans, a hot patent leather bag that matches your shoes is an excellent choice.

You also need to decide what size bag is appropriate.  If your attire is more casual then a larger bag is acceptable.  The rule is the more dressy your outfit gets the smaller the purse.  Fancy or dressy clothing calls for a petite purse that will show off your femininity.  When you are wearing jeans or a casual skirt with boots a large tote bag is perfect.

So to recap-color, size and fabric are key elements in choosing the perfect handbag.  Paying attention to these factors will help you choose the perfect handbag to go with your next outfit.

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Do Women Really Love to Buy Shoes?

We hear it all the time that woman love buying shoes – a perfect match to go with every outfit, a sleek color to compliment a new handbag, or the shoes that will make you the hottest chick at the club.   But are woman as really crazy about buying shoes the way everyone says? The numbers may surprise you.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 2009, the median income for a 4 person family living in the state of California is approximately $56, 000.  Now, the city of San Mateo alone has an average income of $99, 000.  And in San Mateo shoes are a woman’s best friend.

A whopping $61 million is spent on women’s shoes alone in San Mateo according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This is just 1 city in 1 state!  So I would have to agree that woman do love spending money on shoes…at the very least in San Mateo California.  According to Forbes Magazine between October 2004-2005 American women spent $17 billion, yes that’s a ‘b’ you just read.

And you can only imagine that this number has grown over the last several years.  “Shoes make women feel so beautiful that they’re willing to pay anything,” says Jessie Randall, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based designer and founder of Loeffler Randall, a shoe and handbag line she founded with her husband. “You can’t put a price on something that makes you feel that special.”  Well there you have it.  Women love shoes and they love buying shoes.

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