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5 Simple Tips for Buying the Perfect Prom Dress

Hi ladies, it has finally come, the prom!  You have been waiting all year for it to finally get here.  Now that it is, you have a little shopping to do.  With hundreds if not thousands of dresses to choose from how do you decide which one to wear?  I am about to share 5 simple tips with you that will help you choose the perfect dress for you.  I say ‘for you’ because there are a lot of nice dresses out there but between styles, colors and the fit, not all of them are a good match for you and your style and shape.  So here we go with the tips.

1.  Set a budget. I know that when you are buying a dress it can seem like the sky is the limit.  But you really need to decide how much you are going to spend on this dress.  Most of you will probably going to wear this dress on just this one night.  Keep that in mind.  Or some of you might have your parents buying it for you so they will be setting the limit on how much they are willing to spend.  Knowing the price limit ahead of time helps you to rule out the dresses you will not be buying.

2.  Know your size. By this I do not mean the number printed inside the dress.  I mean your body size.  In order to look your best you need a dress that actually fits you.  Too many times young ladies wear dresses and other clothing that are either way too tight or too big.  Tight clothes may show everyone what you’ve got, but it doesn’t flatter you.  If you want to look your best for the prom you need to find a dress that gently hugs your body not chokes it to death of gives it a place to swim in.  Most places that sell dresses can give you a free fitting and let you know what your true size is for a dress.

3.  Know colors that compliment. We all have different skin tones and complexions and different hair and eye colors.  All these make us who we are.  There are certain colors that compliment these features.  It is important that you try the dress on and see how it goes with you.  For example if you have bright red hair, green eyes, and fair skin, a bright royal blue or purple dress it not going to compliment those features very well.  Something in a deep red or navy would be complimentary.  If you have a darker complexion a white dress or one in light blue or pink would look great!

4.  Finding the right style. There are certain cuts and styles that will compliment your figure better than others.  Are you trying to accentuate your curves, show off your legs, minimize your shoulders, slim down your tummy or make your hips look smaller?  There are all different kinds of styles such as ball gowns, A-line, empire waist and more.  So first figure out your shape and then find a dress that enhances it.

5.  Wear the dress. You have finally picked your dress, so there is only one thing left to do – wear your dress!  By this I don’t simply mean putting on the dress but wearing it!  Have the right attitude that you know you look good in your dress.  You have thought about the right color, the right shape and you have picked the right size.  Now you look your best!  Be safe, have fun and enjoy your prom!